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Tarot readings for your events or private evenings.

Welcome to the inspiring and captivating world of Tarot Readings. I am Deborah Waknine, a passionate Tarot enthusiast, ready to infuse a touch of magic into your events. As an experienced Tarot practitioner, I offer personalized sessions that enchant your guests, adding a unique flair to your events or private evenings.

I have perfected the art of decoding the mystical symbols of the cards to provide insightful and inspiring readings. I am dedicated to creating memorable experiences, blending the ancient art of Tarot with a contemporary and entertaining approach.

Tarot readings provide party entertainment that’s cool, different, and totally individual. With short, impactful one-on-one readings, each guest has the opportunity to get their own special moment and leave with a new story.

Tarot readings are one of the most unique corporate events entertainment ideas to provide your guests with a personalized, immersive experience they won’t forget !

Tarot is a brilliant way to add flavour and authenticity to a themed event. As a professional performer, I also understand how to match the vibe and aesthetic of a theme to contribute towards building an entire entertainment experience.

Services available in French and English.

Blessing Way and Women’s Circle

This beautiful ritual can be performed during a birthday, engagement, bachelorette party, or any other celebration or event.

A sacred circle to celebrate our sisters in an ancestral and magical way!

How does it work? The organizer calls to discuss the details of the event. We customize the blessing ceremony to fit the woman or women of the day. We reserve a date, time, and decide on a location.

Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing Journey

The sacred cacao ceremony is a healing ritual designed to open the heart, strengthen our connections, and reconnect with oneself. There is a time for sharing, movement to release the body and mind, and a space for sound meditation.

Sound healing through crystal singing bowls promotes deep relaxation, releases your energetic field, and restores vitality. The sounds create changes in the body by raising the vibration of atoms and entraining brain waves to a particular frequency, allowing the release of heavy energies and decluttering the mind. This experience can be felt throughout the body as it heals at a cellular level.

Book Tarot readings, a women’s circle, or a healing ritual to add a magical touch to your upcoming events or private gatherings!